Pronto Restaurant Grilled Chicken Breast with Steam Rice
Pronto Restaurant Oreo Shake with Black Forest Slice
Pronto Restaurant Chicken Maryland
Pronto Restaurant Aga Khan Walk Ambience
Pronto Restaurant Dine with Friends
Pronto Restaurant Standard Street Ambience
Pronto Restaurant Kimathi Street
Pronto Restaurant Aga Khan Walk Ambience
Pronto Restaurant BBQ Chicken wing Meal
Pronto Restaurant Mojitos
Pronto Restaurant Trixie Meal
Pronto Restaurant Coladas

African & Continental Cuisine

Our diverse and culturally rich Menu gives our customers an array of dishes to choose from the Somali and African origin. Our customers get to experience a festival of flavors from the different cuisines that our restaurant has to offer.


Health & Wellness

Eating healthy food remains an important part of maintaining one`s health. Our Menu offers an array of healthy meals ranging from salads to vegetarian foods to healthy smoothies just to name a few.




A well-balanced diet provides all of the: energy you need to keep active throughout the day. nutrients you need for growth and repair, helping you to stay strong and healthy and help to prevent diet-related illness.




All the cuisines we serve to our customers have their own distinct taste, and part of our secret is the use of Fresh local ingredients that ensure the food retains majority of its nutrients during the preparation process.



Pronto Restaurant Spring Rolls
All combos are served with a glass of juice, tea or coffee.
All our meals are served with a choice of accompaniments.
Pronto Restaurant Hot Chocolate Drinks
Pronto Restaurant Lemonades
Enjoy our healthy exotic mixed drinks and our Pronto Gourmet shakes.