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Continental Cuisines

African, Italian, French, Arabic, Chinese, Thai, Japanese tepanyaki, Indian, Caribbean, Mediterranean and oriental. Based on different diets for example vegan, vegetarian, ketogenic, hunters diet and heathy food.


Buffet Lunch/Dinner

Include soup, salads, biting, condiments, sauces main food, drinks, deserts and pastries. ideal for family gathering, conference, team building, staff party as well as end year party.
(Minimum number 20)


Corporate Menu

Perfectly planned for business meetings, business team building, seminars it can be lunch or dinner meetings no life cooking but with perfect presentation, more biting and hors d”oevre .
(Minimum 20 people)


Brunch Menu

We combine breakfast and lunch menu, min sandwiches wraps, pastries, deserts and fruits
(Minimum 20 people)


Cocktail / Canapies Menu

With arrange of varieties which will suit everyone. hot and cold biting with condiments dressing and sauces and drinks. Excellent for high table and long day events, camping, corporate and conference meetings. All diets considered.
(Minimum 15 people)


Dinner Party

Starters, main food, deserts, pastries, drinks, very good for life barbeque grill, Mongolian or tepanyaki as well as live nonalcoholic bar.
(Minimum number 20)


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